Media Coverage

Over the years and in particular, recently, with the publication of a new book and the latest, revised edition of Emotionomics, Dan Hill has been busy handling press interviews and writing articles about Sensory Logic’s insights.

Here is a small sampling of Sensory Logic's press coverage:

Print Articles

Talking Heads

By Kate Sullivan in May 2012 issue of Allure

Why Emotions Are as "Soft" as Gold Bars (Making Money)

By Dan Hill, Published in May 2011 issue of the European Business Review

I Think, Therefore I Am?

By Simon Chadwick, Published in Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Research World

Leading with price is path to ruin

By Dan Hill, Published in October 2010 issue of Admap

It's written all over their faces

By Del Jones, Published February 25, 2008 in USA Today

Taking an Emotional Audit of Rodeo Drive

By Christina Binkley, Published November 1, 2007 in The Wall Street Journal

CMOs Win Big by Letting Emotions Drive Advertising; Hit Home: Tap into consumers' feelings to create ads that are more likely to be believed and remembered

By Dan Hill, Published in August 2007 issue of AdAge

What lies beneath

By Dan Hill, Published October 1, 2006 in Quirk's Marketing Research Review

Happiness Inc.

By Jeffrey Zaslow, Published March 18, 2006 in The Wall Street Journal

Political Points: Their Bodies, Themselves

By John Tierney, Published October 3, 2004 in The New York Times

Brain Teaser: What Makes you Spend?

By Raoul Benavides, Published July 2004 in Kiplinger's Personal Finance

Anger, Happiness and Designs: Research Firm Helps Carmakers Study Emotions for Style Idea

By Mark Rochten, Published June 28, 2004 in Automotive News

The Nation: Mass Appeal; Mr. Likeable vs. Mr. Electable

By John Tierney, Published February 22, 2004 in The New York Times


Web Articles

Study of Justices' Faces Predicts Obamacare Might Survive Because Liberal Justices Look Happy

By Abby Rogers, Published June 27, 2012 on

Want to Know How They'll Rule? Just Look Them in the Face

By Joe Palazzolo, Published on June 26, 2012 on

Analyzing The Faces Of Republican Candidates

By Kevin Randall, Published on June 16, 2011 on

That Look, That Weiner-Spitzer-Clinton Look

By Andy Newman and Elissa Gootman, Published on June 7, 2011 on

Face The Nation: How Sensory Logic Sees Secrets In Candidates' Mugs

By Kevin Randall, Published on May 6, 2011 on

Now It's Obama Who Is 'Bitter' and Clinging to Something

By Dan Hill, Published November 10, 2010 on

A-Fraud and You: Everybody Lies Differently

By Dan Hill, Published February 19, 2009 on Business of Sports Network

Was Hillary faking?

By Helena Andrews, Published January 9, 2008 on

Cool Friends Interview: Dan Hill

By Shelley Dolley, Published January 2008 on tompeters!

How to Save Advertising from Its Three Worst Faults

By Dan Hill, Published September 14, 2010 on The Marketing Communicator


Television Appearances

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