Sensory Logic provides a robust, unique perspective on businesss issues, informed as it is by a vast project log of work done for over 35% of the world's top 100 marketers as listed by Advertising Age annually. In hands-on discussions with company president Dan Hill, you can profit from knowledge only partially divulged in five noteworthy books that have garnered these endorsements:

"Get ready for a wild ride... you'll discover something cool on every page."

– Seth Godin, author of All Marketers are Liars

"Emotionomics is a truly unique read. Mr Hill's cutting edge applications of sensory, emotional and rational research are a must for today's business environment."

– Daniel H Pink, author of A Whole New Mind

"80% of decisions are made emotionally. And today's business winners will be those who best connect emotionally and empathetically. Reading Emotionomics gives you a head start."

– Kevin Roberts, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi and author of Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands