Protecting the Bottom Line

Emotions are highly contagious and people hide their faces because that's how we reveal our emotions most reliably. Just as enhancing momentum and morale are keys to being a successful leader, likewise advertising and sales effectiveness depends on projecting emotional authenticity. Sensory Logic can help you achieve positive outcomes through consulting that leverages our unique insights about the role of emotions in business.

In addition to PR training, other ways to leverage Sensory Logic's expertise in emotional intelligence and facial coding include two specific one-day modules we customize to meet your executive coaching needs:

  • For the top 3-5 officers in a company:
"Leadership in Tough Times"
Face facts and face down fears twice over: first by learning insights about how best to motivate greater productivity based on good in-person, face-to-face communication with employees and how your own management style may exhibit some of the pitfalls diagnosed in behavioral economics; and second, refocus on your revenue stream through critiques of your advertising and sales efforts and insights based on an emotional audit of what your customers experience across a series of company touch points.
  • For Chief Marketing Officers and the CMO's inner circle:
"Beyond Talking Points: Being On-Emotion Rules"
A review and discussion of your company's existing advertising within the framework of Sensory Logic's "Top 10 Rules for Engaging, Effective Advertising," followed by a coaching dialogue about how best to leverage the principles of behavioral economics in upcoming advertising campaigns.