Body of Truth


Part of a series of books by cutting-edge thought leaders, including the CMO of Coca-Cola, Body of Truth was one of the very first books on neuromarketing. It explodes the rational approach to business, using the latest findings on human cognition and communication to help marketers tap into consumers’ real needs and wants. Body of Truth provides both a framework for developing marketing initiatives that elicit the optimal emotional response, and new methodologies to more accurately measure consumer’s desires. Among the book’s breakthroughs: top 10 lists to guide both sensory-emotive marketing and the overhaul of traditional market research. Body of Truth was a Fast Company book of the month nominee, and was chosen by DDI magazine as one of the top 3 business books of that year.


"Finding out what customers can't or won't say is key to improving the customer experience. Dan Hill's terrific book shows you how to accomplish this challenge!"

– Bernd Schmitt, author, Customer Experience Management

"Hill takes marketers beyond the traditional consumer decision process and shows the importance of experiential branding. Not only does he describe the fundamental process of creating emotional connections with consumers, he gives tons of practical examples to show how to do it."

– Roger Blackwell, PhD, former Professor of Marketing, The Ohio State University and coauthor, Brands That Rock

"How does this benefit marketing professionals and ad executives? It provides you consumer insight that will increase the probability that your marketing strategies will impact behavior and ultimately drive revenue for your firm."

– Lawrence Denaro, CEO, Q2 Brand Intelligence

"Body of Truth contributes a fresh and welcome perspective to the discipline of marketing. Dr. Dan Hill's work will be enjoyed by all intellectually inquisitive professionals who seek to build better relationships with their customers, employees, and channel partners."

– Mike Kust, Chief Knowledge Officer, Carlson Marketing Group

"Buyers are liars! When it comes to traditional research, what customers SAY and what they DO are often world's apart. These revolutionary research techniques help uncover the true behavior behind all the words."

– Rob Wallace, Managing Partner, Wallace Church


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