This second edition, trimmed down paperback version of Emotionomics (2010) draws on insights gathered through facial coding to show how to measure and manage the emotional response of customers and employees, leading to competitive advantage and business success.

Breakthroughs in brain science have revealed that people are primarily emotional decision-makers. Many companies have not yet accepted that fact, much less acted on it.

Emotionomics will help you to understand emotions in terms of business opportunities - both in the marketplace and in the workplace. In today's highly competitive marketplace where many products look alike, it is the emotional benefit that can make the difference. Emotionomics will help you step closer to potential customers and your employees, and step ahead of your competitors.


"Reading Dan Hill’s new book, Emotionomics, was fascinating, with hundreds of useful ways of discovering how consumers say one thing but feel and do another. Dan gets to the ‘heart’ of consumer choice and brand loyalty, proving that if our eyes are mirrors of the soul, then our faces are translators of desire."

– Faith Popcorn, author of The Popcorn Report

"Emotionomics is a truly unique read. Mr Hill’s cutting edge applications of sensory, emotional and rational research are a must for today’s business environment."

– Daniel H. Pink author of A Whole New Mind

"Emotionomics leads the global business mindset into a new paradigm – one that demands and rewards sensory and emotional connections between the 21st-century corporate entity and its consumers. Dan Hill’s expertise guides business in securing the bonds of empathy that will drive commercial growth over the coming years."

– Martin Lindstrom, author of BRAND sense and BRANDchild

"Emotionomics is a powerful new work that pushes the limits of research into the emotional dynamics that connect brands with people. By using facial movements as an expression of the subconscious, Emotionomics captures powerful emotional responses and gives new insights into people’s subconscious realities. This book is a must-read for marketers and designers, as it sheds new light on the ways brands can better fulfil consumers’ unspoken desires."

– Marc Gobé, author of Emotional Branding and Brandjam

"Emotions matter! Long gone are the days when it was enough to help your customers ‘understand’ what you sell, or grasp rationally what it can do for them. On today’s increasingly competitive playing field, marketers missing emotional savvy won’t be able to keep up. Happily, Dan Hill’s compelling examples show how the findings can predict the future before you commit your budget.  If you’re looking to build the success rate of your marketing, communication or hiring decisions – and who isn’t? – cancel your meetings until you’ve read Emotionomics cover to cover!"

– Marti Barletta, author of Marketing to Women