It’s the Age of Anxiety for traditional market research, and with good reason – it often doesn't work that well. The future lies in facial coding, which was voted the tool most likely to transform the field of marketing. On-Emotion shows how high-quality facial coding can be used to provide a competitive edge.

In this book, concise case studies drawing on 15 years of experience illuminate how quantifying emotions enables companies to survive and thrive. Facial coding’s leading business practitioner, four-time author Dan Hill, will explain:

·         Why on-message marketing is no longer enough.

·         Why “think your emotions” approaches to research are inherently limited.

·         Why facial coding done right delivers insights in ways that ratings and verbal input never can.

 Ever been lied to in life? Then you’re ready to move beyond what people say, into the non-verbal realm that best predicts human behavior.



 “The ARF has conducted two projects on neuroscience with the goal of elevating these methods and making them useful for marketers. Dan Hill has been a supporter from the start and we hope his new book will further contribute to this exciting field of research.”

Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, The Advertising Research Foundation

 “Thank you Dan Hill for extending the developing science of psychophysiology, facial coding applied to marketing problems and opportunities. For readers who realize that you may be missing that ‘something more’ in your data, or that somehow a ‘policeman’ just inserted himself in the mind of the consumer, not letting out key information, thank Dan for a major contribution. This new contribution is a detailed study of facial coding of emotion. Those words don’t sound exciting, but they should be. Marketers reading Dan’s new book will find a way around that forced smile that’s been the death mask of so many products. I challenge you to read this book, and discover for yourself that there’s a whole new world of meaning and direction available on the faces of your customers— and just as important, on the faces of those who don’t yet buy your products and services.”

Howard R. Moskowitz, Ph.D.—CEO, Moskowitz Jacobs & author of Selling Blue Elephant: How to Make Great Products That People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them

“As Dan Hill says in his book, Facial Coding is hot, and it is only getting hotter. Governments, Global Brands, and Tech companies are all racing to catch up with something Dan has known for many years: understanding human emotion is the key to human decision making. Until we can create automated empathy, then facial coding may well be the single most scalable and efficient solution to apply “Big Data” efficiency to emotional measurement. Not only does he make his case convincingly, but he also offers a prescription for how to use these models to deliver real value. That combination makes this a must read!”

Lenny Murphy—Chief Editor & Principal Consultant, GreenBook

 “For far too long, researchers have relied upon people’s capacity to articulate their emotional journeys. Even if people could do this, a rare skill indeed, there is little question that they are forced to draw on their rational faculties to do so, inherently distorting our access to their true encounter. Facial coding gives us a window into human emotion. It is the future for any arena of research where understanding human emotion matters. And Dan, again, is helping advance that discourse.”

Dr. Duane Varan—Director, Audience Labs, Murdoch University

 “Remember the phrase being “on-emotion.” In the race for organizations to understand how their products and communications affect their consumers, there are 3 obvious goals: understand potential stopping power, understand potential emotional arousal, and understand if those emotions are positive or negative. You and I aren’t cut out to accurately verbalize how we react and how we feel. Sensory Logic uses facial response (coding) resulting in a more accurate understanding of ourselves than we could ever verbalize. Now organizations can know if they met their goal in creating the stopping power and feelings—being “on-emotion” - with their products and communications.”

Bruce Haggerty—Director, Market Research, Nestle USA

 “Dan Hill is not just a world-class expert on facial coding. He is passionate about how emotions are key drivers of consumer decisions. Regardless of how skeptical Dan may be towards emerging technologies claiming to decode emotions, he advocates that nothing is more powerful than going for an emotional cocktail with your customers. And I wholeheartedly agree!”

Christophe Morin, Ph.D.—CEO, SalesBrain, Board Member of the Neuromarketing Business and Science Association

 “This provocative book challenges the status quo of marketing research. Based on the premise: ‘If we make the majority of decisions using our unconscious mind, why do our tools rely so heavily on conscious thinking?’ Dr. Hill makes a compelling case for using manual facial coding to read the context of how consumers are truly experiencing our products. No groupthink, no interviewer bias, no rationalized explanations. The proof is in the pudding. Dr. Hill opens Sensory Logic’s vault of data to reveal the differences between stated research vs. emotive research. Time after time, he shows how manual facial coding will provide different answers; more indicative of marketing executions leading to higher sales. Emotions matter, context matters, and measurement matters. Sensory Logic has mastered the art and science of facial coding. This book will show you why you should be a believer also.”

Michelle Adams—Founder & President, Marketing Brainology

 “Dan makes a wonderful case, and clear arguments for the use of facial coding. We all know the value of getting the customer experience right and the importance of an emotional connection to a product or brand. Being able to know the strength and type of that emotion is clearly going to be a great tool, and an awesome competitive advantage. Dan speaks a lot about the affordability of facial coding. Maybe the question for marketers is whether we can afford not to?”

Cliff Crosbie, Retailer & Marketer, 30 years experience with Apple, IKEA, Nokia, Nike and Habitat

 “Once again, Dan has delivered a both a challenge and a lifeline to the consumer insights profession. The pace of keeping up with consumers preferences only continues to accelerate. Traditional methods of measuring interest, intent, and engagement are falling woefully behind (if they ever kept up in the first place). Dan lays out a compelling case that one does not have to sacrifice depth of insight in exchange for speed or agility. In fact, he clearly demonstrates with client case studies that facial coding is a nimble methodology that elegantly addresses the researcher’s conundrum of “why don’t consumers actually do what they said they were going to do in my survey?”. As emotion-based research has gained momentum, theissue has pivoted from “What is it?” to “How do I use it?” On-Emotion will provide you with a clear path to deeper insights delivered at the speed of today’s consumer.”

Bob Goodwin, VP—Business Development & Strategy, Curiosity InsightStream

 “Like many things, consumer research has fallen into comfortable patterns that check the boxes for the marketers behind the studies. These boxes rarely include the emotional impact of the ideas being studied. As a result, far too often marketers move forward with the verbal or written responses of consumers looking to provide the “right” answers. Dan’s methodologies break through this morass and deliver real-time, relevant emotional scores that help marketers find the nuggets of insights that will truly differentiate ideas in the global marketplace.”

Kelly Smith—VP, Managing Creative Director, LPK

 “What shoppers buy in store comes from the memories they access about different brands and use situations. Brain science proves that the way to build memory structures is with emotional response, so researchers must include this in their measurement objectives.”

Jole Rubison—President, Rubinson Partners

 “We have increasingly found traditional market research approaches to be lacking in several regards, especially in the field of advertising testing. A key missing ingredient has been understanding consumer emotions. On-Emotion provides compelling evidence to support the use of manual facial coding to measure emotion in an accurate and actionable way.”

Andrew McCulley—Customer Insight Executive, ANZ Bank



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