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Sharing Knowledge So People Can Thrive

A special-series podcast on NEW BOOKS network’s psychology channel

Confounding, exhilarating and contagious: emotions matter. And so does applying
emotional intelligence (EQ). Every week I hold in-depth conversations with authors from
numerous fields to explore how emotions drive personalities, relationships and behavior.

Introduction to Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight.
David A. Harris

How do we move police forces from a warrior culture to connecting better with communities they serve?

Nir Bashan

Why is the corporate fallback being “analytical” (as opposed to nurturing creativity)?

Siri Hustvedt

How Do We Write Our Personal History at the Same Time That It’s Written for Us?

Caroline Stokes

How does avoidance of conflict ultimately create more conflict in the workplace?


What does it take for a company’s culture to enable ongoing growth?

07 Emily Balcetis Promo Clearer, Closer,
Emily Balcetis

How can we improve our productivity by literally seeing the world differently than before?

06 Eric Lonergan & Mark Blyth Promo Angr
Eric Lonergan & Mark Blyth

How are we going to address inequality and put the economy on a sounder footing?

EQ Spotlight ep5 teaser.jpg
David Robert Grimes

What are some of the prevalent ways in which we lie to ourselves and limit our flexibility?

EQ Spotlight episode 4 teaser.jpeg
Susie Hodge

What makes a building’s design come alive as it helps shape our existence?

EQ Spotlight episode 3 teaser.jpeg
Kenneth Womack

To what degree did each of The Beatles exhibit emotional intelligence in the band’s final year?

EQ Spotlight episode 2 teaser.jpeg
B. Joseph Pine II & James H. Gilmore

How is the retail sector going to be best able to survive the Amazon juggernaut?

EQ Spotlight episode 1 teaser.jpeg
Steven E. Schier & Todd E. Eberly

How did Donald Trump’s leveraging of emotions get him to The White House?

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