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Dan Hill's EQ Academy

There are two currencies in life: dollars and emotions. In essence, business isn’t B2B or B2C. It’s P2P, people-to-people, involving prospects, customers, colleagues and associated allies. While ultimately in-person workshops will be held in Palm Desert, CA during the winter months  - and eventually elsewhere around the country - given Covid-19, for now training information will be provided exclusively through online courses material. The online versions of workshops will begin to materialize over the next few months.

Typically, two key skill set learnings will be offered:

Facial coding proficiency - Orientation and training in facial coding, i.e. scientifically reading the expressions of people for the emotions they reveal. Truth be told, from the eyes to the mouth our faces offer the most valuable 25 square inches of visual territory in the world. Despite that reality, people’s aptitude for noting the characteristic emotional displays of others may be as low as 35%. To improve your ability to read others both in-the-moment and over time, multiple photographic and video examples will be shared to cover the seven core emotions accessible via facial coding analysis (happiness, anger, surprise, fear, sadness, disgust and contempt) plus the 23 expressions by which those emotions are revealed. A certificate will be available for those who pass a proficiency test, either the day of or subsequently in an on-line test instead.

Enhanced EQ aptitude – In cases where I’ve tested people’s emotional literacy regarding ability to correlate each core emotion to its essential meaning, again, the average has been a woeful 35%. My market research company, Sensory Logic, can draw on 20+ years of experience conducting market research as well as additional studies that have supported my books, speeches and media appearances. Specific results to be shared demonstrate how emotional intelligence type data can be analyzed and applied to improve anything from one’s business operations to one’s personal life. Extensive Q & A sessions will be part of this training. Note: When applicable, results from eye-tracking research will also be utilized in offering these trainings. A certificate will be available based on ability to diagnostically interpret sample test results.

Please feel free to identify your area of interest/application, including profession below:

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Dan Hill's Faces & Places Tours

These tours can serve, in effect, as additional educational opportunities to understand and apply knowledge about how emotions drive personalities, relationships and behavior (performance). They can also, however, be thought of as pure fun and an opportunity to gain a richer understanding of America in a variety of ways: historical, cultural and otherwise. These tours will consist of 5-day excursions involving Dan as tour guide and groups of no more than 20 people per tour. Specific itineraries and price points are yet TBD. These tours will begin no earlier than the summer of 2021 (health-conditions permitting). These tours will be biographically-oriented (faces), themed, and include visits to notable museums, homes and other locales (places) as well involve guest talks by local figures with unique knowledge about the tour’s subject matter.

The following tours are being contemplated. Please “vote” on which interest you the most, and you’re also welcome to write-in your own suggestions:

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