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Yes, there’s truth in what the novelist William Faulkner wrote: namely, that “Books aren’t finished, they’re abandoned.” Nevertheless, books constitute a stockpile of knowledge hard-won and honed. In an era when publishers are cutting costs by stinting on visuals, Dan has gone the opposite way: adding in numerous photos and other visuals to create a richer, more enjoyable reading experience.

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The original Emotionomics addressed marketplaces and workplaces where Boomers and Gen X ruled. The new Emotionomics 2.0 updates its emphasis on dollars and emotions being the two currencies of business by addressing the Feeling Economy now emerging. It’s a world where Millennials and Gen Z focus on values and empathy. From digitization and social media to AI and gig workers, much has changed since the original edition, but the central role that the human heart plays remains the same.

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“In his terrific new book, Hill manages to be both entertaining and enlightening – often on the same page.”

- Daniel Pink, author of When and Drive

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